Les Brasseurs de Lorraine, 3 rue du bois le prêtre 54700 Pont-à-Mousson 

SIRET 442 021 663 00012 - APE 1105Z 

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Brasserie Artisanale 

French Craft  



Les Brasseurs de Lorraine were created in 2003 by Régis Bouillon and Jean-François Drouin, two brewing engineers, master craft brewers, eager to revive the great tradition of Lorraine beers.
Our brewery has become the largest craft brewery in Lorraine. 

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Passionate Brewers 

Local et natural 

Recognized quality 

Our brewery produces a wide range of craft beers and sodas. Our raw materials are of exclusively natural origin, most of them from the region. Our beers are pure malt, without any additives or preservatives. 

Our brewery promotes short circuits and supports the "Lorraine Notre Siganture" approach.  

Our beers are labeled “Bi” in order to help consumers to make an informed choice between an independent brewery and a multinational. 






Transparency and  pedagogy 

Our brewery and our beers have won numerous awards in prestigious national and international competitions.
These prizes reward the daily work of the entire brewery team and contribute to the promotion of our artisanal productions in Lorraine. 


Régis and Jean-François, both master brewers, wanted to make their brewery an open place that respects the environment.
To this end, the brewery organizes tours for the general public, and welcomes trainees who want to train in the brewing profession. 





Our brewery is also very involved at the associative level, it is a member of the Union des Brasseurs du Grand Est and the National Syndicate of Independent Brewers.