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Brasserie Artisanale 

French Craft  


- 40 HL brewing room,
- 12 unitank fermenters of 80HL,
- Yeast filter,
- Cleaning unit in place,
- Manual mini-keg filler,
- Semi-automatic keg filler,
- Iso-barometric packaging in bottles with a capacity of 8000 bt / h,
- Control and development laboratory

Program and prices
Program and prices

Since 1999, we have been providing professional training in the very specific field of brewing. The training is carried out using a very powerful educational tool:


The training is provided and supervised by Régis BOUILLON and Jean-François DROUIN, both phD-engineers in microbiology and brewing from the National School of Agronomy and Food Industries of Nancy, and their team.

Les formations sont assurées et supervisées par Régis BOUILLON et Jean-François DROUIN, tous deux docteurs-ingénieurs en microbiologie et brasserie de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires de Nancy, et leur équipe.

Our status as a training organization is registered in Datadock, and is approved to enter into financial support agreements with all those involved in training: Pôle Emploi, OPCA, companies, etc. Our training courses are not eligible for the CPF (it is not there is also no eligible brewing training in France)
We are working with the SNBI and the Chambers of Trades for the establishment of the title of brewer.

(3 days)

For people who have no knowledge and who wish to embark on the adventure of creating a brewery. 6 people maximum / session

Next session: to be defines

(5 days)

For brewers with a minimum of theoretical knowledge who wish to be in real conditions of a brewery with our operators.